10 More reasons to vote against Romney

Romney’s positions on almost everything changes with the wind. We can never be quite sure what he is or what he will do. What we do know is that he has nothing but contempt for the poor, for the disadvantaged, for the elderly, for the young. Here are more reasons that we should not vote for this man:

  1. He would abolish Medicare and other social programs to finance an irresponsible $4.6 trillion tax cut, by far the majority of which would go to already obscenely wealthy 0.1%.
  2. Eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood and allow employers to deny coverage for contraception, even if those contraceptives are used for serious medical conditions.
  3. Eviscerate the Environmental Protection Agency, probably our last bastion against the depraved ecological actions of corporations and the idle rich.
  4. Increase drilling for oil and eliminate funding for green energy, adding billions of tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, accelerating global warming and the collapse of our societies.
  5. Supports the idea of self-deportation for undocumented workers, which includes preventing them from any work, renting apartments, driving a vehicle, and making it a crime to be merely present in the United States without the correct documentation. He obviously read the piece in the bible about the Good Samaritan.
  6. Introduce bills nationally that echo the harsh anti-immigration statute of Arizona, making life for undocumented workers a living hell. Perhaps he should read about the predicament of Jews and Roma in 1930’s Europe.
  7. Support a federal constitutional amendment to ban homosexual marriage, starting the process of making homosexuality a national crime. Shades of 1930’s Europe.
  8. Will install severely conservatives judges to the various Circuit Courts of Appeals, and to the Supreme court, already a far right wing court. As it is, he has Robert Bork, one of the countries most extreme judges as an adviser. Heaven help us all if he attains judgeship.
  9. The installation of conservative judges to the Supreme court will allow for the outlawing of abortion
  10. A conservative Supreme Court will allow for the curtailing of Civil Rights and liberties, and the evisceration of affirmative action.

Romney tries to hide his conservative credentials behind a thin patina of centrism. We should not be fooled. This man will start the process of eviscerating the Middle Class and the hard won rights of the people. We should vote against him and against the Republican extremist agenda.

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