10 Reasons the GOP is really bad for the environment

  1. They want to gut the EPA

Republicans and their corporate allies have wanted to destroy the Environmental Protection Agency since the Nixon Administration was strong-armed into introducing the agency. The goal of all conservatives is to destroy regulations and government, and do whatever they please. Regardless of who it may harm.

The EPA ensures the quality of our air, our water and our oceans, all of which has a demonstrable effect on our health and that of our children. Corporations, and by extension the Senators and Congressmen owned by them could not give a fig which children get asthma, bone cancer or leukemia, how many pregnant women give birth to disfigured children, how many men die of mesothelioma. The overriding principle is to make as much profit as possible, at the lowest cost in the shortest time.

The GOP are trying hard to destroy EPA regulations on Power plants, among the biggest polluters in the nation. Conditions in towns and cities near these big polluters will deteriorate if the GOP gets its way.

They will succeed in gutting the EPA through subterfuge, by cutting its funding, restricting its inspectors, or by refusing to confirm its director. The American people will be the worse for its passing.

  1. They want to end the Clean Water Act

The GOP is also pushing for reconsideration of plans regulating streams and wetlands, claiming that it hurts economic activity. The need for clean waterways surely outweighs any marginal gains in economic activity. Farmers and land developers are concerned about drought management, and yet do nothing to acknowledge the impact of Global Climate Change.

They claim that the President is overreaching his authority on water, invoking states’ rights and economic interests. They clearly ignore the inconvenient rights of the people living in those states.

  1. They want to end the Clean Air Act

Tied to the EPA, the Clean Air Act has prevented us from becoming China, where Beijing is one of the most polluted cities in the world. Incidence of asthma and other pulmonary diseases, including lung cancer, will mushroom, adding billions in health care costs to the already sky-high medical costs of all Americans. Already, visiting our national parks, like The Grand Canyon or the Great Smokey’s is an exercise in frustration. It is barely possible at times to see the other side of the Grand Canyon through the haze of pollution and the beauty of the Smokey’s green carpet is lost to smog. The GOP will ensure that these natural wonders will disappear forever in the name of profit.

  1. They want to frack in your backyard

Fracking is a process of pumping natural gas from the rock under your home, or your national park, or your water supply. They do this by pumping highly toxic chemicals at high pressure into the rock to release the natural gas. The process will fracture the rocks and allow them to pump the gas into storage containers. The toxic chemicals? Well, that is your problem. You will be told that they are safe, that they are captured in storage bins, or below the water table, until one day your children are falling ill with exotic, incurable diseases, or just diseases that will maim, disable or kill them; or you, your neighbor or your best friend. You will be unable to sue them, even if you could find them. Naturally, their tame Congress will protect them from frivolous lawsuits, as though the life of your child were frivolous.

  1. They want the XL Oil Pipeline

The XL Oil Pipeline from Canada will add huge quantities of CO2 to our atmosphere. The amount of energy it takes to extract oil from the tar sands of Canada is almost equal to the energy it will produce. The pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico will wind its way through some of America’s most beautiful, pristine scenery, adding another man-made scar to this continent. The enjoyment of the outdoors will be destroyed for millions of people by this unnecessary boondoggle. The pollution that is likely to result in the event of a spill could potentially destroy countless animals. The spill itself and the resultant environmental destruction is unlikely to be cleaned up by the oil company.

  1. They want to drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The refuge is one of the last natural environments left on our planet, a haven for moose, caribou, bears, wolves and countless other endangered animals. Conservatives have no interest in those animals, other than as fodder for hunters.

  1. They want to clear-cut America’s forests

The timber industry is continually looking for more trees to take, more of our landscape to scar with earth-moving equipment, more to sell to overseas markets. The Pacific Northwest was once the pride of America; today it is little more than a defaced moonscape of eroded hillsides littered with the decaying stumps of old forest.

  1. They want to develop the Everglades

The Glades is one of America’s last natural areas, and it is rapidly capitulating to rapacious real estate developers in their lust for more development land. This is the last bastion of many endangered species of fauna and flora. For those of us who enjoy the hiking the outdoors, the places we can hike are dwindling as they are pillaged for the greedy and dominated by hunters who only wish to take life.

  1. They want to drill in our national parks

Not a single one of our many national parks is safe from the corruption of the GOP and their corporate allies. The Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Zion and other mystical areas of the American West are increasingly open to drilling, the rigs marring an otherwise magnificent panorama. These rigs run day and night, polluting the atmosphere with methane and other volatiles, and adding to the rapid rise of global warming.

  1. They want to destroy talk of Global Climate Change

The GOP fill important committee seats in Congress with people who embrace Big Oil and advance an agenda filled with unwarranted skepticism towards global warming. Their single goal is to plunder the natural wealth of this nation, to the detriment of all its citizens. These ecological pirates destroy landscapes, and then spend their vacations in the dwindling natural spaces of other nations. As global warming gathers steam, we are left with increasingly disturbing weather patterns, our crops suffer, more species are added to the endangered species list, and our natural wonders vanish.

The GOP are increasingly dangerous to our natural treasures. Their pursuit of profit rides roughshod over the interests of the many, of future generations, and the poor, and the hungry.

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