14 Reasons to vote against Romney

While each election is important, this election is particularly important, possibly the most important of our lifetime. The country is balanced on a knifeā€™s edge. That knife is the middle class. If the balance is lost, the middle class way of life in this country will be lost for a generation or more.

  1. There is a marked difference between the two candidates running for the Presidency. Despite claiming in the first presidential debate that he stands for everything that Obama stands for, disavowing everything he had said in the previous two years, this man is still a severe conservative, by his own admission. However, given his ability to change his mind at the drop of a hat, we cannot be sure that that is the truth.
  2. Romney stands for a dramatic reduction in taxes for the very wealthy, and the raising of taxes on the middle class. He stands for a broadening of the tax base, which translated means a massive tax increase for the poorest people in the country.
  3. Romney wants to destroy the middle class, take away any and all protections that employees have so that those at the very top can increase their wealth at the expense of the middle class.
  4. Romney wants to gut education and place the tremendous burden on working families that do not have the resources, the funds, or the expertise to provide education for their children.
  5. Romney will destroy the social safety net by gutting Medicare and replacing it with a voucher system.
  6. Romney will destroy Medicaid, a program that provides essential medical care to the very poor, leaving them without any visible means of support.
  7. Romney will dramatically increase the Federal deficit by introducing a $4.6 trillion tax cut, mostly geared for millionaires and billionaires. He will also increase military spending by adding $2 trillion to the budget. Other than dramatic increases in taxes by raising rates for the poor or eliminating their deductions, he has no way to pay for the increase.
  8. Romney will destroy Public Radio and Television, eliminating the only current way that people are able to obtain a wide variety of news, views and educational programming.
  9. Romney will deregulate industry, which will enable them to pollute our air and water, remove safety protections for workers, eliminate the minimum wage, remove medical insurance, which will place enormous burdens on middle class families.
  10. Romney will strip away the protections for women available in the form of contraception, family planning and abortion, leaving them vulnerable to rape and incest and men that are unwilling to support their children.
  11. Romney will have a chance to replace some of the current Supreme Court justices with severely conservative activist justices. This will allow him to remove affirmative action protections, reduce free speech rights, massively increase election spending, tear up the land for fracking, pollute our streams, rivers, oceans and suburbs, and eliminate abortion rights. These changes and others will be in place for a generation or more.
  12. Romney can privatize Social Security, producing massive profits for the securities industry while reducing the amount available for retirement, and putting investment decisions in the hands of people that have no investment experience. Many will place these funds in the hands of advisors who will make risky investment decisions, as they did with the financial meltdown in 2008.
  13. Romney will doubtless start more unnecessary wars, or become belligerent with nations across the globe, including Iran, North Korea, Syria and others. In addition, he will extend the war in Afghanistan, costing the country trillions in unfounded expenses.
  14. Romney will create friction with allies across the globe as he has already done with the Palestinians, Britain and Spain.
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