15 More Reasons to Distrust Romney

Mitt Romney, putative presidential candidate continues to dissemble without direction, changing position to appeal to a dozen different slithers of the American electorate with a guile that panders remorselessly to the voters . The electorate has been taken in by his complete lack of authenticity and an avaricious belief that they will be the recipients of his fiscal largesse.

They will find out if he is elected that he is not a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but a mean and petty authoritarian that will quickly dismantle their safety net. Americans have not learnt from Reagan, Bush Senior and George W Bush that the reigning oligarchs never help the less privileged classes with anything. What they do instead is help themselves to whatever is not nailed down.

  1. Obamas signature medical expansion, the American Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare will vanish, leaving 50m Americans without hope of coverage of any kind, a single medical emergency away from bankruptcy and destitution, at the mercy of unscrupulous insurance companies and hospital emergency rooms. More people without medical will delay visits to doctors, or emergency rooms because doctors will not take them without medical coverage.
  2. Medicare will be eviscerated and replaced with inadequate vouchers that will not cover their medical needs at the moment that they are unable to work to obtain coverage. The young will have to pay into a system from which they will receive nothing in return. It will not be too long before they refuse to cover the elderly.
  3. Medicaid, the program that covers the very poorest, especially children that through no fault of their own do not have coverage, will vanish as states are allowed to maintain the program rather than the Federal government. The most vulnerable among us will be at the mercy of preventable diseases while the privileged live their sumptuous lives of excess, never giving back to those that made them wealthy.
  4. Education will be handed to the states as the central government cuts funding and children, again the most vulnerable are left to their own devices. Parents without choices, or skills will be expected to teach their own children, hire tutors they cannot afford, or send their young to expensive charter schools that indoctrinate their children with religious propaganda. The idea of universal education will disappear into the morass of religious institutions that will spring up under Romney.
  5. Student loans will become impossible to fund, and higher education beyond the reach of everyone except the privileged few. The government program that bypasses banks and traditional lenders put in place by the President will be eliminated, and Pell grants will go extinct. Students that do not have parents with very deep pockets with be thrown to the wiles of the market, either opting for massive financial burdens, or choosing careers that do not call for higher education, mostly in the fast food industry.
  6. in Romney will dismantle governmental departments that monitor air and water quality, and our food supply. Companies will be free to pump noxious gases into the atmosphere, pour deadly minerals into our water supply, and produce products that contalead and other heavy metals. Regulation of industries that traditionally have polluted, caused massive environmental harm, or deployed financial instruments designed to reap unwarranted profits from unsuspecting investors will be reduced to exercises in “self-regulation”. Basic protections for consumers, for children, for employees will be replaced by corporate autocrats that will produce a lifestyle far bleaker than any this country has known before.
  7. Government departments that perform essential services for citizens will disappear. Institutions like the Post Office, the Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, Fish and Wildlife, the Forestry Service will be gutted and replaced with corporate cabals.
  8. Scientific research, often carried out by government sponsorship, including wildly successful organizations such as NASA will be drastically under funded, threatening this country’s global leadership in science and technology.
  9. At whichever schools remain after budget cuts, creationism will replace the current already limited teaching of evolutionary theory, big bang theory, continental drift theory. Critical thinking will be replaced by biblical studies. How soon before Atomic Theory, Quantum Theory, universal gravitation, relativity and planetary motion are replaced by biblical flood theory, astrology and the Bermuda Triangle?
  10. Huge tax cuts for the hyper-wealthy while the Middle Class wallows in sharply higher tax burdens. The Middle Class will vaporize into the mists of history, but it is doubtful that history will be taught.
  11. The military will become even more bloated, to fight an enemy that does not exist, to build larger carrier fleets, and aircraft that will rust on unused airfields. No doubt an enemy will be created, a Gaddafi or Hussein that presents no real threat to the nation. Iran is a likely choice for the next worthless war, to destroy yet another country, and go in to save the people from themselves, another failed state, and trillions of dollars expended in a belligerent attempt to appear strong. The route to bankruptcy is not far away.
  12. The most effective public education medium on record, the Public Broadcasting Service, eliminated, to make way for corporations producing puerile drivel that passes for news. Alternatively, right wing propaganda will permeate the airwaves of Public Radio instead of the measured, deliberative debate that we currently hear.
  13. The Middle Class will vanish as the wealthy pillage the coffers to grab even more for themselves. The gap between those that have and those that do not will grow immeasurably as the Romney oligarchy’s greed for more overcomes their democratic restraint.
  14. Democracy will crumble as fewer citizens are allowed to vote, the judiciary is overrun with activist conservative judges, gerrymandering takes over the redistricting process, the voting rights of ex-felons are stripped away, and voters are intimidated and misled. A way will be found to implement a poll tax, such as voter id, or something more sophisticated to bypass the Constitutional rights of voters.
  15. Conservative intransigence will only increase unless they have full control of the House and Senate, in which case they can implement their agenda unhindered.
  16. The number of nations that do not trust us will only increase as Romney sends his minions out into the world. Just as Bush increased distrust, so too will Romney, increasing the possibility of total war.

A Romney administration will start the process of creating an authoritarian state. Romney is not practiced in the art of diplomacy, or of cooperation and compromise. He is a product of the Tea Party generation and their inability to find common ground.

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