A Low Form of Cunning

There is much wrong with the Romney agenda, and with the candidates character. Many people appear incapable of assessing the candidates temperament. What is apparent from the few interviews with the press is that he is incapable of presenting a coherent and well-planned strategy for his presidency. Like a chameleon, he changes color depending on the audience before him, and says what he believes people want to hear, rather than presenting a strong case for his personal ideology.

Like a car salesman, he will complement your family, your appearance, or anything else that he believes will get you to buy his pitch. Like a shape-shifter, he is able to metamorphose depending on his environment. The purpose behind his ability to mutate is always to sell something, to profit from his situation. He can speak to a crowd and make them feel that he cares about them, that he is one of them, while knowing full well that he considers himself their superior, their master.

My grandfather had a particular contempt for businessmen like Romney, and he knew well how underhanded they could be. He said that all the businessmen that he dealt with were possessed of a low form of cunning. Most of the partnerships he formed with businessmen ended with the partner absconding with the profits from the company.

There is a saying in poker that goes something like this:

If after ten minutes at the poker table you do not know who the patsy is—you are the patsy.

This is the way that Romney sees the voters, as patsies. They are only stepping stones to obtain what he wants, absolute power, or as close to it as any single person can come on Earth today. The President of the United States has a great deal of power. Certainly not absolute, but pretty close. When George W. Bush decided to invade Iraq, he did it unilaterally, without consulting the United Nations, without speaking to friends and allies. The voters are only there to get Romney into the pound seat. Once there, he can do pretty much whatever he wants.

People don’t appear to understand just how much is at stake in this election. Far too many people think that because the economy did not come roaring back, that we should have a change, any change, regardless of the persons credentials, regardless of his reputation, regardless of his history. If they paid attention to the lessons of history, and of this candidate, they would understand how fragile our democracy has become, how easily democracy can become autocratic or oligarchic.

Democracy is not a natural state for people. People want power over others. The last thing that most people want is for others to share power. They would far rather lord it over a small pond than participate in a cooperative venture where others are also advantaged. This is why they support autocrats, aristocrats and oligarchs. People have the errant belief that the power and wealth of their leaders will filter down to them – trickle down economics, the failed economic ideology of extreme capitalism.

Romney grew up wealthy, part of the moneyed elite. He has never had to struggle to put food on the table, to pay rent, to afford an old used vehicle, to worry about whether his children are receiving the education that they need to succeed, or whether he can pay for expensive medical treatment for a sick child. He occupies a world that has distanced itself from the concerns of the underclasses, the poor, the struggling masses. The people are those that mow his lawn, clean his restroom, service his vehicles, and now they are those that provide the votes that will propel him to the White House.

His Presidency, if he wins, which appears increasingly likely, presents a bleak future for the great mass of people in this country. If people pay attention to what he is saying, they should be worried, very worried.

Romney and his conservative allies want to cut back on education, lay off teachers, and close schools. He believes that people should take responsibility for their own education, or that of their children instead of relying on the state. This is his platform, and always has been. The vast majority of people are not in a position to provide education for their children. Without the states assistance, most children would go without education. While nations around the world are pumping money into education, Romney will cut back. He has said that if our youth want to get somewhere they should borrow from their parents to go to college, or start a business. People just do not have the resources that he had as a child. They cannot afford Harvard or Yale.

Romney will deregulate business, which will allow them to do as they please. If voters believe that corporations will act in an altruistic manner, and help people get jobs and benefits, they are sadly mistaken.  They are the patsies at the card table. Corporations always act in their own self interest, regardless of who gets hurt in the process. Given a lax environment, they will pump noxious gases into the atmosphere, toxic liquids into the rivers and streams, fish our oceans until fish stocks collapse. They will tear open mountains to get at the coal, or iron ore and leave the gaping wound for taxpayers to clean up. Banks will impose punitive fees on customers, sell risky financial products that endanger our financial system. Logging companies will cut down our forests and leave barren, arid hilltops to erode while they move on to rip resources from somewhere else.

Women will find it increasingly difficult to obtain basic medical procedures like mammograms and cervical cancer screening as Romney’s allies in Congress eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood. Romney will pack the Supreme Court and the various Circuit Courts with conservative judges that will roll back a woman’s right to choose. Contraception will become more and more difficult to obtain from insurance companies. The Church will impose more and more onerous conditions on its congregants with respect to family planning.

The rights of women in the workplace, and in the home will be driven back in time to the 1950’s and beyond, to a time when women were second class citizens and not equal partners in the affairs of state. The ability of a woman to obtain equal pay for equal work will deteriorate and ultimately whither.

The single solitary means for the workers to get a voice in the workplace will vanish under Romney as he destroys the unions and the right of the people to organize and protest their treatment at the hands of employers. Romney wants individuals to negotiate directly with corporations, a modern day David and Goliath, an impossible reality. Corporations will crush the people.

Romney will severely curtail the ability of people to sue for redress of wrongs perpetrated by corporations. Conservatives have always wanted corporations to abrogate their responsibilities to their employees and to society, and he will succeed.

These are only a few of the measures that Romney is likely to take once ensconced in the White House. What people do not understand is that Romney is an autocrat, an authoritarian. As a CEO, people did not question or resist, they did what they were told. As President, he will do nothing different. he will dictate and the country will be forced to obey. Corporations are not democracies, they are dictatorships, and Romney was a corporate leader. He is unlikely to act in a different manner once he obtains power.

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