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In an editorial in the New York Times, Ross Douthat compares Mitt Romney to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He claims that, like Roosevelt, Romney is running against an incumbent presiding over a weak economy, with high unemployment. He goes on further to claim that Romney will present his own agenda once he is president, rather than that of the Republican party. He says that the pick of Ryan as vice presidential nominee is not particularly important, despite saying that he will probably implement some of Ryan’s entitlement proposals once in office.

He goes on to compare Romney to a CEO telling his interviewers what they want to hear so that he can secure the position and see how this dysfunctional company works.

He says that Romney talks about working hard for your family and plenty of jobs to solve problems that others say cant be solved.

He then goes to imply that Roosevelt, despite being bold and experimental was not tempered by principle and modesty, comparing him implicitly with Barack Obama. Again he implies that President Obama does not try hard enough to get things right.

There is so much wrong with this editorial that it is difficult to know where to start. Firstly, there is no comparison between FDR and Romney. FDR showed a strength of character and a fearlessness in the face of overwhelming odds that Romney has yet to demonstrate, despite his years in office. Romney is a man without character, as easily swayed as a stalk of grass in a light breeze, an opportunist that will do anything to win power. Roosevelt stood up to power and wealth and won important battles for the middle class. Romney will do nothing but hand more wealth to the ever-wealthier, more tax cuts to companies that hoard profits and create nothing for the people. He will gut the middle class, create more jobs in China or India, cut government jobs and create unemployment on a massive scale.

To compare this nation to a corporation also demonstrates an inability to understand that a country is not a corporation, it is not in the profit business. A nation is there to create a safe, healthy and secure environment in which people can aspire to great things. To do this is must be the champion of the masses, protecting them from exploitation by the wealthy and corporations, from brutality by armed thugs.

Romney can talk about working hard for your family, as though millions of Americans slouch around doing nothing and preying on the wealthy. Americans are some of the hardest working people on Earth, don’t patronize them. How much harder should they work to fill the coffers of the idle rich?

Implying that either FDR or Obama are or were without principle, or immodest is just another craven attack on two great men, on two wonderful leaders, the like of whom we shall not see again for many years. Comparing the pretty, empty facade of Romney with men of learning and composure just typifies the nastiness that lurks in every conservative.

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