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Episode 34 – This New Year, Let’s Unite America

I will discuss whether we can bring Americans back together as a nation. The current climate in America, both political and social seems hopelessly divided. It appears that almost everything divides us as a nation.

Death Knell for Democracy

Arizona is trying to usurp the rights of the federal government and deny the right to vote to American Citizens. They must be stopped.

Petulant Children in Congress

The current Congress is the single most obstructionist Congress in history with perhaps the exception of the Southern Democrats in 1877 during Reconstruction. Then too, they attempted to roll back essential civil rights legislation.

Power Grab

Conservatives are hungry for power, and legislators in Republican states want to take power from the courts and the people.

Universally Disenfranchised

Conservatives love to deny citizens the vote. Democracy is a philosophy that conservatives strive to destroy.

Why we Vote

Why do people vote for the wealthy and corporations against their own self interest?

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