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How is an Atheist Moral?

An atheistic morality based in science and reason is fairer, leading to harmony, a respect for all life, and the preservation of our planet for future generations of life.

Good Riddance, Il Papa

Pope Benedict has done the Papacy little good with his strident conservatism and detached indifference to suffering. We can only hope for a better choice for the next Pope.

The Schismatic Church

The hypocrisy embraced by many churches does nothing to further their proclaimed moral leadership. To reclaim that leadership, they need to reconcile their disparate positions on many moral issues.

The Right to Proselytize

The need of some to preach the word to others regardless of their predilections and belief systems amounts to a form of oppression that has little to do with religious freedom.

The Fraudulent War on Christmas

The imposition of Christmas traditions really amounts to a war on the beliefs on others, whether it be other religious sects, or members of the secular or humanist world.

Are Heterosexuals Better Parents?

The Supreme Court will hear arguments concerning the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act. Conservative arguments are not convincing.

Life Begins Neither at Conception nor Birth

Conservatives love to argue that life begins at conception and ends at death. To this end they produce convoluted laws denying the right to contraception or abortion. They are wrong on all counts.

Evolution Not Just a Theory

The Republican Party has achieved a psychotic break from reality with their insistence on pseudo-scientific solutions to serious problems.

Religious Plunder

Conservative attempts to allow the state to fund religious institutions is a blatant attempt to bypass the Constitutional right to freedom of religion and impose their own narrow religious ideology on others.

Raping Islam

Jon Kyl has compared the reaction of US diplomats to the movie about Muhammad as akin to blaming the victim of a rape.

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