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Episode 38 – The Power of Innovation

In this podcast, I discuss why I believe that innovation can change the way we approach almost any issue in life. From politics to business, innovative thinking can revolutionize our approach to seemingly intractable problems.

Episode 37 – The Persuasive Power of Martin Luther King

In this episode, I will discuss how Martin Luther King mnaged to successfully persuade so many people, and why his powerful words live on today.

Episode 35 – Why is it so Difficult to Persuade People?

In this episode, I will discuss the difficulties of persuasion. I started this podcast with the idea that if you have a set of logical proposals, it should not be difficult to persuade people to change their minds. It appears that I was wrong.

Episode 33 – Obama and the Gentle Art of Persuasion

In this episode, I will discuss the gentle, and sometimes not so gentle art of persuasion. I demonstrate how a public speaker can start a speech in a manner conducive to persuasion, using President Obama as an example.

Episode 32 – Can Empathy Improve Your Speeches?

In this episode I will discuss why I believe that Empathy will improve your speeches, your communication and your message. Empathy may be one of the most impoortant changes you can make to your speeches.

Episode 30 – How to Become a World Class Public Speaker

In this episode, I will discuss how you can become a world-class speaker. You can apply the same method to becoming better at anything you do in life.

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