Classy Commander

President Obama’s latest reaction to violence across the East displays a man of character striding across the diplomatic stage. His response has been measured, precise, the act of a man in control of his passions, at ease on the world stage.

The reactions of Mitt Romney, his opponent, have been anything but measured, and resemble more the puerile immaturity of a man floundering, out of his depth, a man who allows his passions to get the better of him, a man unsuited for the international stage.

At every turn Romney has spoken out of turn, at odds with the facts, preempting the situation with an unerring tin ear. He criticized the administration for not protecting the embassies and consulates adequately, yet there is more security today around US embassies than there has been for decades. How much more should there be? Perhaps we should surround each one with a battalion of troops? A battery of cannon? Cruise missiles? At what point is there enough security?

Obama cannot take responsibility for the acts of civilian populations in countries over which he has no control. He immediately sent aircraft and ships to the area to protect or evacuate personnel and civilians in the event of more violence. What more should he do? What would Romney do in this situation? Romney has not indicated what he would do differently, what steps he would take to ensure that these events do not occur.

Romney is a man drowning in a world he does not understand, a world from which he is entirely disconnected. He cannot relate to ordinary working people, or the unemployed, or the poor. How can we expect him to understand the troubles in other nations, never mind his own?

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