How to Dissect a Civilisation

The sequester is cutting essential programs that will irreparably harm our economy, and more importantly, our society.

The Budget Man Cometh

Ryan’s budget reminds me of groundhog day, every budget looks the same, with a different date, regardless of the fact that the President will never sign it and the people dont want it.

Hard Wage for Hard Work

Raising the minimum wage is essential to the growth of the economy. It is a sure-fire bet that conservatives, business and the wealthy allies will be intransigent on this issue.

A Sterling Speech from President Obama

President Obama, as usual, produced a speech that attempt to tackle important national issues, rather than the tired, tepid and delusional ideology of the right-wing.

Suffocate the Middle Class

Conservatives are playing the austerity song once more, using the sequester and debt ceiling to hold the country to ransom. Lets hope they fail.

Republican Attacks On The Vulnerable

Once more into the breach, the conservative onslaught against the vulnerable, the weak, continues, by threatening to take away essential social programs. Conservative values: honored more in the breach than in the observance.

Why Hard Work Does Not Pay

The federal minimum wage is disgracefully low and should be raised significantly, at least doubled. Other developed nations have done so, and their economies are booming.

Why The Wealthy Should Pay More

The wealthy ought to pay more more in tax to support the nation that allowed them to become wealthy. Putting that burden on the poor is not moral.

What About The Workers?

The destruction of unions leads to lower wages, unsafe working conditions, fewer benefits, and ultimately a stagnant economy because workers cannot afford to buy the goods corporations produce.

Selling the Middle Class down the River

Romney’s tax plans are a huge increase in taxes for the poor especially, and the Middle Class, and a giveaway for the wealthy. As they say in business, Caveat Emptor.