Ducking the Tough Issues

At the Republican National Convention today, Paul Ryan proclaimed that “We will not duck the tough issues. We wont spend four years blaming others. We will take responsibility”.

His point is clear, we are quite prepared to cut the American Middle Class down to size. We will reduce Medicare to a voucher program in which seniors will receive a $5000.00 dollar coupon to buy insurance that will easily exceed $10,000 a year. This will doubtless leave millions of elderly Americans destitute in their time of need.

Social Security will be privatized to allow Americans to invest their own funds. Which is another way of allowing people to gamble their retirement away on stock market plays.

Medicaid for the poorest and most indigent of Americans will be swallowed by the rapacious maw of subsidies to the wealthy and large corporations.

Ryan’s target is clearly those that placed the blame for the financial meltdown on the shoulders of George Bush. Naturally, he and his philosophical brethren will spend the next four years blaming President Obama for the ills of the country.

He claims, without any plan to back up his claim, that he and Romney will strengthen Medicare and make it sustainable. The reality is that he places the burden on seniors who are no longer able to cater for retirement.

Ryan hides his ambitions behind vacuous statements while giving away nothing that might hinder his charge for high office. That his parents and grandparents were able to claim from Medicare, the children of those beneficiaries will be unable to do so. He said none of this in his speech at the convention.

It is clear that neither he nor Romney will speak about their real plans for this country, instead spewing trite shibboleths that comfort the conservative base. Neither of them has the courage to inform the electorate of their true aims, which are to induce the middle class to whither and die.

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