Gay Marriage Paradox

People vote for all sorts of reasons; values, economics, or peer pressure. The most recent inanity came from the most surprising of quarters – the African American vote. African Americans tend to be reliably Democratic, given the tendency of the Republican Party to limit itself to White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestants, although Catholics are being accepted to a greater degree than before.

Some African American pastors are encouraging their flock to stay away from the polls given the Presidents stance on gay marriage. For anyone to base their vote for or against a candidate based on a single issue strikes me as short-sighted and lacking a clear understanding of the enormously complex issues confronting any electorate.

It would be understandable if you voted for or against a candidate based on his or her economic policy, since that can encompass a large swathe of policies that can affect your life and that of your community.

When voting based on a narrow policy such as gay marriage, you are ignoring policies that affect you and your family far more directly. If two people decide to live together for whatever reason, what they do behind closed doors should really not affect your life. If they decide that they want a contract that binds them together legally, it does not affect the life of anyone else in the community. If God wants to punish them, well, that should be up to him, should it not?  I am sure that the world will continue to rotate on its axis.

People vote against gay marriage because they believe that it is immoral. Consider this. If you have two children, lets say, under ten, what should your priority be in raising those children? Should you worry about the two gay men or women down the road that are married? Or should you worry about whether you are producing enough income to provide accommodation, security, and education for your children? Should you not vote for the candidate that will help ensure that you have an adequate standard of living, health care for yourself and your family, and an environment that is not deteriorating?

Is it moral to withhold your vote to punish a candidate for his stance on something as narrow as gay marriage, or should you hold your nose and vote for the candidate that will do most to ensure that the country has a strong middle class and gives ordinary people a chance at a better life? Are your children not the most important part of your life? Do you not owe them everything you can give them? Or is monitoring what you believe to be other peoples morals more important to you? Can you then claim to be a moral person?

There is much about President Obama’s policies that I do not like. He continued such practices as spying on Americans, extrajudicial killings of suspected American terrorists, cutting back on government and thus jobs in the middle of a recession. I do not approve of these policies in the least, and there are other policies that stick in my throat, but in weighing up the policies of the two candidates, Obama’s policies are vastly superior to the pro-business, pro-wealthy policies of Mitt Romney.

Everyone needs to vote for what is most important, and think carefully about what is important in life. Putting religious beliefs before your family is not moral.

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