Hitler, Muslims and Country Music

Hank Williams has done it again, demonstrated his naked intolerance and his seedy racist underbelly. It wasn’t too long ago that he compared President Obama with Adolf Hitler which caused ESPN to pull one of his songs from their programming. The question that needs to asked is, in what way is the President like Hitler? Is it all the people he has sent to the gas chamber? The nations that he has invaded? The people he has incarcerated? If you make a comparison between two people, at least indicate in what way they resemble one another.

Perhaps it is the American Care Act, often disparaged as ObamaCare. Well, as Bill Maher so aptly said on his program Real Time With Bill Maher, “When I think of Hitler, the first thing I think of is Healthcare!” The ACA is about giving all the people of this country a chance at a healthier life. In other words, displaying compassion for people. I don’t think that Hitler could be called compassionate in any way whatsoever.

Williams’ latest tirade has him accusing Obama of being a Muslim. In order to make an accusation of any sort, at the very least have facts of some sort to back you up. Just making a statement does not make it so, although in the conservative ideologosphere, it clearly does. Saying something immediately creates an entire history filled with events and facts to which adherents can refer.

If Williams can make this accusation, he can also produce evidence that backs it up. He must have gotten his facts from somewhere other than right wing talk radio. He goes on to say that Obama hates cowboys and cowgirls, fishing and farming and loves gays. Then he says that we hate him, whoever we happens to be. Precisely what in the presidents term in office has made Williams believe that any of this is true? Is this truely what Republicans believe?

It is one thing to try hard to win an election. It is quite another to win it with blatant dishonesty and intolerance. It is clear based on their actions that conservatives are incapable of honest elections, which is why they are excluding so many from the vote. You cannot call yourself a democracy that the peoples of Earth should emulate when you do not have a universal franchise.

What is clear is the lack of tolerance of country music aficionados. When the Dixie Chicks came out against the war in Iraq, there were public burnings and mutilation of their music. It is my guess that the same will not happen with Hank Williams’ music. My bet is that they give him an award at the next country music festival.

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