How we treat our people

Paul Ryan’s claim demonstrates the ethical vacuity that permeates conservative America. Conservatives have gone out of their way to dismantle the social safety net instituted by FDR, and yet they make vacuous statements that attempt to refute their own ideology. Their statements are all over the map rather than stating precisely what it is that they believe.

It is clear to anyone that is engaged in the political process that Conservatives are not interested in advancing the interests of the Middle Class. They insist that Medicare costs are ballooning, Social Security is unsustainable, Medicaid is there for the lazy and indigent, and Government must be gutted, and yet they still claim that they are the party of the people.

If the measure of a country is the manner in which it treats its most vulnerable, this nation does not measure up well at all. Conservatives spend their time targeting the most vulnerable, the poor, the unemployed, those that need government education, and immigrants.

There are nations out there that this nation now resembles, but none are nations with whom I would want to be associated. Nations like Zaire, Somalia or Zimbabwe have little health care and little respect for their people. If we want to be a great nation, it is with the great nations of western civilization with whom I would want to be associated.

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