Justifying Rape

GOP Senator Mourdock from Indiana has gone on record saying that pregnancy that results from rape is part of God’s plan. It is comments like this that make me wonder what conservatives have to do or say for the voters to reject their ideology. Is there really that much hatred of President Obama, that conservative voters will do anything, including vote for candidates of this caliber, in order to get rid of him?

Has this nation become so racially divisive, that they are willing to justify supreme acts of violence against women just to put another white man in the White House? What possible justification can the Romney campaign have for continuing to support this candidate? Is winning the Senate so important to conservatives that they are willing to forgive any language, any candidates contemptible extremism, just to get a majority?

In any developed nation, comments like this would disqualify the candidate from public office. In this nation, it motivates the candidates base, inducing more of them to vote. What does it say about the voters that they would continue to support a man that makes such untoward, shameful statements?

Far too many conservatives roll out God’s plan to support their ideology. The fact of the matter is, whether there is a God or not, they have no idea what the plan might be. They do not have a direct line to any deities inner circle. Using pseudo-religious ideology to advance a political and social agenda is ultimately beneath contempt. What really pains me, is that there are hundreds of thousands of women that will go out on election day and vote for this man, regardless of the consequences of this man implementing his social ideology on themselves, their friends, relatives or their daughters.

By Mourdock coming out with this kind of objectionable comment, he is really saying that if it is God’s plan for a women to fall pregnant by rape, it is also God’s plan for the woman to be raped in the first place. You cannot divorce the two events. If it was God’s plan for the woman to get pregnant, it must also be God’s plan for the woman to get raped. What that does is to place limitless power in the hands of the rapist, who can now claim that he was a pawn that God was using to get this woman to fall pregnant.

Men who are so inclined will now see that they have the right to spend their time violating women and justifying it by righteously claiming that it is God’s will that they rape multiple women. The precedent that it sets is deplorable.

From an evolutionary perspective, any life has a single purpose, and that is to survive long enough to procreate. The more of its genes that any life form can propagate, the better for those genes. If pregnancy by rape became more acceptable, and abortion, even in this instance were to be banned, it would pay a rapist to ensure that he induced pregnancy in as many women as possible, even if ultimately he ended his life in prison, since his genes would be successfully carried to the next generation.

That Mitt Romney, putative Presidential candidate, refuses to categorically disavow this candidate, demonstrates his own acceptance of this man’s words. How people can now vote for this candidate is beyond belief, but they will do so, and it is increasingly likely that this man will win the Presidency. He has an advert in which he specifically endorses Mourdock and refuses to withdraw the spot. Plainly, he agrees with this man’s stance on rape.

Mitt Romney has stated that he has no specific plans to pursue abortion legislation is he wins the presidency. It is highly likely that he will be able to install one or more justices on the Supreme Court during his term. The justices will then do his work for him, outlawing most forms of abortion. His stance is, as per usual, tailored for the audience rather than putting forth what he believes and knows that he will pursue. It is well known that he has stated in the past that he would be delighted to sign a bill outlawing all abortion.

Republicans like John Cornyn (R-Tx) has come out supporting Mourdock for his stance supporting life rather than abortion. Why is he still supporting a candidate  that endorses rape? The question is quite simple. His stance on abortion notwithstanding, it is his stance on rape that is outrageous, and he ought to step down, as should Sen Cornyn for his support.

Sen Cornyn launched into a polemic about Obamacare, government bailouts and reckless spending. None of that had anything to do with the issue at hand. Instead of using this as an opportunity to attack the President, Cornyn should have been condemning his coleaugue. He goes on to state that Mourdock will help get this country back on track. How will he do that? By redefining pregnancy resulting from rape as part of God’s plan. We do not need this fanatic in the Senate.

The Republican Party and its conservative allies continue their assault on basic women’s rights and liberties, including attenuating the definition of rape until it becomes meaningless, and eliminating their access to contraception and basic women’s health. That they are for the most part the party of white men says a lot. That many women will continue to vote for them defies belief.

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