Medicare Annihilation

The plan proposed by Romney and Ryan through the medium of the Republican National Convention, is that Medicare be reduced to a voucher program, leaving seniors to battle through an insurance morass.

The very idea of the elderly choosing a medical insurance plan each year as they age strikes me as unrealistic. Many elderly people make poor financial choices, out of lack of knowledge, misunderstandings, dealing with topics out of their sphere of expertise, or even from dementia or senility. For an elderly person to be making life decisions at an advanced stage of life is not fair to the elderly.

The elderly will be at the mercy of hospitals, clinics, doctors and corporations, all of whom want to sell them some product. As it is, medical insurance is a bewildering maze of options, some of which may cover some maladies, some not. With the current system, they get coverage regardless. It is easy to understand and takes the difficulty of  choosing a plan away from people in their golden years.

Republicans claim that it empowers seniors, enabling them to make decisions in their own lives. In reality it adds yet another burden to people that should be more worried about their begonias than about tough life decisions.

Paul Krugman of the New York Times calls it VoucherCare, a particularly apt term. I would go one further and call it CouponCare, which is something that seniors will end up clipping from their local newspaper.

Medical care for seniors will become something frivolous to be obtained from slick, quick talking salesman. Yet another way to destroy the Middle Class way of life.


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