Mooch this, Mitt

The Romney campaign appears to go from bad to worse. Romney has a severe, and it appears, despite his medical advantages, incurable case of foot in mouth. In his latest gaff, a video was released showing Romney accusing 47% of Americans of not taking responsibility for themselves. He claims that these Americans are “dependent on government, believe they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to take care of them, who believe they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, you name it”.

The vast majority of people do not want to take from government, or anyone else if they can help it. Americans are among the hardest working people on Earth. Far too many people work for depressed wages, work long hours, sacrificing their free time, their weekends, vacations and quality time with their children.

I watch people working in the fast food industry, long hours, for under $10/hr, barely enough to put food on the table and gas in the tank. Many live quite some distance from work, with no public transport, and what there is in the way of transport is expensive, infrequent and inconvenient. Many, despite working more than one job can barely afford rent.

As for medical care, it is a luxury they cannot afford. Even with children, they have to decide whether to pay the rent, or for an operation on a sick child.

How exactly are these people dependent on the government? The government gives them nothing, no medical, no housing, and that is true for most people. Education is beyond their reach.

There are some that receive food stamps. Romney is a Christian, or professes to be. Would he prefer that they starve, that their children go hungry? As it is, many children go to school hungry. Is this how a Christian acts towards others?

Some will go to emergency rooms because they cannot afford doctors. Perhaps they should stitch themselves up, set their own broken bones. They go because they are desperate. Even then, a single operation is likely to bankrupt them and have collection agencies hounding them for years. What choices do they have?

Most people have paid into the system for years. They are forced to pay for Medicare and Social Security and Unemployment Insurance. Then government wants to take those programs away? The people have paid for this. It is not an entitlement, they are not dependent on government, they have paid for these programs with their hard earned wages.

We have to ask, what is the purpose of government? Why have a nation, a state, a Congress? If government is only there to create a military machine to fight an enemy that does not exist, why have it? If government is not there to protect its people from parasitic corporations, from other citizens, to help when the going gets tough, what is it there for? Perhaps we should dissolve the United States, since there is no apparent reason for its existence other than to enrich corporations and the wealthy.

More people are turning to the government for help because there is nowhere else to turn. Corporations are not hiring. State, local and federal governments are not hiring. People are losing their jobs because of the financial downturn. Where should they turn? How do they handle it? They cannot start businesses because banks aren’t lending. They cannot get jobs because they do not have the skills, but how are they going to afford to attain those skills without  jobs and without government help?

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