Only the poor should pay tax

Conservatives love financial crises. During a crisis, they can mount their podia and pontificate on the moral decay of society, of the perils of people living the high life on the backs of government spending. They get to come out and blame all the moral ills of society on corrupt government and lazy people that refuse to work for a living.

For conservatives, the only possible reason that financial crises happen at all is because people, the little people of course, gambled when they should have been saving, took vacations when they should have been working, or got an education when they should have been out slaving in fast food joints and construction sites.

Conservatives revel in blaming the less fortunate for their travails, or government policies for all that ail society. The do not appear to understand the idea that if given enough latitude, corporations will do whatever they can to maximize their profits, regardless of the effect on employment, on deficits, on the environment or on the safety and security of the people. It there are no rules by which to abide, corporations will create rules that suit themselves, not their employees, their consumers or the nations as a whole.

What corporation want is for someone other than themselves to pay for their use of the nations resources, whether it is the air, the water or the citizenry. One of their excuses is that if they have less of a tax burden, they will employ more people. This is not borne out by the facts. During the financial crisis, corporate profits have grown steadily, the prices of their services have risen dramatically, and fewer people have attained employment. If government were to eliminate taxes on corporations entirely, employment would likely not grow one whit.

There is only one way that employment by corporations will improve, and that is if they have more customers. The only way that they can get more customers is if economic conditions for their customers improve. That can only happen if people are employed, and that employment allows them to pay for more goods and services.

The only reason that corporations want to pay less tax is that they want to make more profits for themselves. They will only employ more people when they have reason to, and that will be when they have more customers coming through the doors. Even then, if they can get away with fewer employees, they will do so.

The whole idea is that corporations and the wealthy want the poor to pay the taxes for services that the wealthy and corporations use. Corporations use vastly more of the countries resources than do the poor and middle classes. The wealthy take up more land and prime real estate than do the lower classes. By that token, it is the corporations that should be paying for the use of those resources.

The burden on the poorer classes should be reduced, which would put more money in their pockets and allow them to pay for the services that they need. This is what ultimately will improve the economy and the lives of the vast majority.

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