There are a number of reasons that I set up this web site. I think that the primary reason is that I became tired of hearing the continual hypocritical rants from conservatives. Their ideology appears to be to destroy any of fairness in the American polity, to drive the middle classes into poverty and to destroy the poor entirely. They support the wealthy and their corporate allies unequivocally, without the slightest nod to the people that they are supposed to represent. They target the oppressed, the defenseless, those without hope

I am of the opinion that throughout much of history, liberals, or people with a liberal bent have been vilified targeted, persecuted and blamed for all manner of ill, often merely for standing up for the unpopular. The term Liberal has been twisted and crushed beyond recognition, without any pretense at understanding the root of the term. True Liberalism is extremely rare and easily destroyed. Conservatism, conversely, is all too common as evidenced by the authoritarian or totalitarian regimes that plague history.

I am well aware that any political ideology can become rigid and sclerotic, imprisoned by inertia, bureaucracy or corruption. It is easy to demand that people of a particular political persuasion adhere to a set of predefined rules. This is the essence of conservative thought, that tradition is always right, the old ways were best. This is where ideology goes to die, in bondage to conservative thought. A liberal democracy ought to be a living, breathing, dynamic system that adapts to ensure fairness to all.

This web site is my attempt to redefine the term Liberal and return it to its rightful place as emblematic of fairness, of dignity, of the basic rights of man, in thrall to no special interest.

I am not a lobbyist, or a politician, an academic or a political scientist. I have no agenda, no support from shadowy groups. I am merely a concerned individual, who believes that without a return to the ideals of liberal democracy, this fine experiment in freedom will not end well.

I ask that anyone reading these pages accept that I do not have the resources of most media outlets and thus rely on what I garner from the major dailies and periodicals, from Public Radio and cable news or from the Internet. These are personal opinions and I am open to correction that cites credible evidence and sources. I welcome careful, measured debate, but not ad hominemattacks.


The understanding that we should all treat our fellow humans with empathy and that none among us has more worth than any other, and that we should treat our world and all its denizens with respect.

Classical Liberalism

Classical liberalism as defined in Wikipedia is rather different to that contemptuously dismissed by conservatives. Classical Liberalism is committed to limited government,the rule of law and due process and the liberty of individuals. This freedom includes free speech, a free press, free expression of religion, the right to assemble and the right to free markets.

Liberal Democracy

Where conservatives like Grover Norquist want to drown government in the bathtub, a sensible approach to governance is far more important. Government has an important part to play in a liberal democracy. Most people would prefer that government of all forms interfere in their lives as little as possible, but this ought not in any way imply anarchy or absence of governance.

Government should act to protect all its citizens, regardless of position or class. Its job ought to be to act as referee to ensure that its people are treated fairly, that no group has an unfair advantage, that we all have a reasonable chance at achieving our dreams and aspirations, while allowing as much free expression and free movement as is practical.

Social Liberalism

Wikipedia includes social justice as part of the definition of social liberalism. The state has a compelling interest in tackling the causes of social deprivation, including unemployment, health care and education as well as improving civil rights.

When the individual is free from unwarranted coercion by governments, institutions or corporations, society benefits, the lives of the people are improved, and economic and social conditions improve.