Repeal the Second Amendment

It is time to end the NRA, time to repeal the Second Amendment, time to stop the insanity where guns are concerned. The tragic deaths of twenty innocent, unarmed children and six adults at the hands of a teenager is the signal that gun laws and rights in this country have passed the point of sanity and judicious ideology.

The insistence by the NRA of their right to bigger and more lethal weapons, of the right to take armaments into public places, into our national parks, movie cinemas, bars, restaurants, the work place, and our vehicles now places every life in this nation at risk. We are no longer safe. We now live in a state of siege, a nation ruled by fear, fear of our neighbors being armed, fear of teenage thugs walking into our schools and using lethal military style weapons on the vulnerable.

The NRA now wants to arm teachers, to have armed guards at schools. We already have metal detectors at many schools, and security systems that do nothing to protect the innocents. Instead of doing the most rational thing imaginable, which is to destroy guns in totem, to destroy the gun culture that teaches that we have a right to arm ourselves, we want to introduce even more weapons into the system.

This is like pouring oil on a raging inferno, insisting that this will stop the flames. Imagine if all the teachers at the school had been armed, and had all come out into the hall with their weapons. How could they know who the shooter is. They would see others with guns, and assume that they are the killers and start blasting away. The same goes in any situation. You do not know who the criminal is, all you see are people with guns.

This is known as the fog of war, the reason that militaries wear uniforms, so that you can identify the opposition. Arming teachers would be traumatic for children and disastrous in an emergency.

In sensible, rational nations around the globe, in the face of disasters like Sandy Hook, governments and people’s have legislated weapons bans. The NRA and para-military apologists, hunters and “sportsmen” ignore the evidence that clearly shows that these bans dramatically reduce deaths by firearms. They want more and more weapons, dramatically increasing the risk of death by gun.

We have to take back the argument and insist that we do not need more guns to be safe. We need guns in the hands of the military and the police, not in the hands of untrained, ignorant civilians.

The NRA must be held liable and responsible for the increase in mass shootings, in accidental deaths and the tens of thousands of injuries caused by guns. They are the ones pushing for assault weapons, for the ability to own greater numbers of weapons and ammunition. They must be held liable for the destruction that they have wrought on us.

The Supreme Court needs to do what they should do, and dispense sensible jurisprudence for the good of the people. A constitution is worth less than the paper on which it is written if it does not have as its central tenet the idea that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is at the core of our society, not the endless pursuit of weapons of mass destruction.

The excuse used by far too many that this young perpetrator was mentally disturbed really just diverts attention from the real issue, which isĀ  gun control. How many people are you going to test for mental instability in a nation of three hundred million? Every school child? Every adult?

People who look mentally unstable may be normal, and the mentally unstable may look perfectly normal. mental health issues are an entirely different argument, one that has to do with universal health care, not guns. It is just an excuse and nothing more.

Placing highly destructive weapons in the hands of a civilian population can only end in tears. There is no reason for a firearm other than to cause death, whether it is the unnecessary death of our wildlife, or of stray cats and dogs, or the tragic death of those that have had no life, who are guilty of nothing more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A sane person does not need a gun to live his life. If it is to eat, we have supermarkets, restaurants and hundreds of places that will satisfy that need.

We do not live in a savage wilderness as the founders did. There are few predators other than human ones wandering our forests and plains from whom we need protection. Hunting is unnecessary, and sporting it most definitely is not. It is no sport to kill a deer from hundreds of yards away because it is a manly thing to do. To me, a real man has no need to kill. There are other ways to show your manliness.

If one wants to prove ones manhood, leap out of a plane, or from a bridge, or just throw yourself off a cliff, for we do not need more testosterone laden fools blasting away at anything that moves. If you want to fire a gun, go to a range and shoot a target, or better still, find an intellectual pursuit that does not entail destroying some living thing.

Explain to little Noah, James, Ana or little Emilie from Sandy Hook that they lost their lives because people out there have the right to bear arms. Would they care? Would they not rather be hugging their parents or their friends, would they rather not have lived in a safe, sane society in which children do not have to fear a teenage killer? We grieve for them, for all those lost to senseless gun violence, for a society that has lost its sense of reason.

Now is the time for this nation to come together and do the only rational thing we can, destroy the Second Amendment, and put in its place a rational amendment that has at its core the right of a living, breathing human to live a full life without fear of teenagers with assault rifles. There is no sane argument in favor of guns, not at this time, or this place.

If Japan can reduce its annual death by firearm to eleven people, we can cut ours from the tens of thousands of deaths. Are the Japanese really that much more advanced than we are? When Australia had a tragic shooting spree in Tasmania, they introduced laws that slashed their deaths and slashed the number of guns on the street. Canada has few gun deaths, and Britain amounts to a rounding error in comparison to ours.

Are any of these nations superior, rational or more intelligent than we are? Eviscerate the gun lobby, politically destroy their reason for existence, that we may all be safe, that not a single child is ever lost to tragedy, or to accident. No parent should have to bury their own child because of a gun death. Bring back the sanity.

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