Romney: Rootless Mexican

It turns out that Romney’s father was born in Mexico, not in these United States. While Republicans like Donald Trump question President Obama’s roots and whether he was born elsewhere, little is said about Romney’s parentage.

In a clear attempt to win the Latino vote, Romney proclaims his Mexican roots and his ties to that country. Ironically, he did not bother to learn to speak Spanish to honor the country in which he resided for a period of time. yet, as part of the Republican platform, conservatives demand that foreigners learn English regardless of their age, financial position or other impediment to using the lingua franca.

His grandparents, it appears, fled the jurisdiction of the United States to continue the practice of polygamy beyond the reaches of the American judicial system. Instead of obeying the law of the land, especially with regard to marriage, they fled to escape the law. His father was not American, but rather, Mexican and yet he could not learn the local culture or its language.

In another twist to the Republican agenda, much is said about traditional marriage, which it appears, is between one man and one woman. This apparently does not apply to presidential candidates and their predecessors. Was the Romney family not engaged in what was to them, traditional marriage? After how many generations does marriage become traditional? Should we return to the traditions of child brides? Of harems as in biblical texts? Or Primae Noctis, or First Night, as demanded by the nobility in Medieval Europe?

Of this we shall hear from Republicans not one whit as they pound the table of family values.

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