Sexual Obsession

Conservatives have always been obsessed with sex; how to control their urges, how to control women’s reproduction, denying sexual education, persecution of gays and lesbians. On the one hand, conservatives insist on small government, on individual liberties and freedoms, and on the other do all in their power to control marriages, partnerships, births and deaths, and who can meet and associate with whom, the frequency of intercourse, the purpose of intercourse. The obsession with sex only appears to be trumped by their obsession with firearms.

Not a week goes by when they do not try to legislate some area of abortion, often making it next to impossible for women to get lawful abortions. The rights that they extend to a blastocyst, comprising 70-100 cells trumps the rights of a fully grown human comprising billions of cells. The rights of the mother are destroyed in the insistence of rights for something smaller than cells in the eye of a fly.

Conservatives refuse to educate children on human sexual reproduction, something that on its own would go a long way to dispelling the myths surrounding sex and give children the opportunity to understand the risks of pregnancy, STDS, the social stigma, the impact of future earnings and education. Believing that educating children will encourage sexual behavior demonstrates an ignorance of the urges surrounding sex, or the social pressures on children.

Undeniably, abortion should be rare, and not used as a form of contraception. People should definitely be more responsible in their sexual liaisons. Denying abortion in all circumstances including rape and incest, harm to the mother, or introducing fatally ill infants into the world are all failures of morality. Forcing underage, especially severely underage girls into motherhood is tantamount to pressing them into servitude and poverty.

De-funding Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides so many services for women other than abortion, is mystifying. Surely planning is the one thing that people should do when it comes to starting a family.

Insisting on an ultrasound before abortion as so many southern states do, is about as intrusive as any authoritarian state can be. There is little as demeaning as having ones body invaded by the state besides rape itself.

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