State of Inhumanity

Florida is a swing state that sometimes votes Democratic, but most often votes for Republicans. Democrats are sandwiched into a slither along the I-4 corridor from Orlando to Tampa in the West, and in the South East where retiring North Easterners wile out their days. The rest of the state resembles much of the South, voting reliably Republican, overly religious, mostly selfish, maniacal in their obsession with guns and the right to bear arms.

This state is part of the bible-belt, filled with mega churches that reap massive bounties from gullible parishioners while offering a spiritual diet of mass market self help, social victimhood, xenophobia and homophobia.

One would imagine that Christian communities would be charitable, helping strangers, serving in food kitchens, with a love of community. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. Consider the facts according to a pamphlet produced by the League of Women’s Voters of Florida.

46 other states have higher taxes as a percentage of personal income. Florida has no income tax, a 6% sales tax and a 5.5% corporate tax. Only 12 other states have a lower corporate rate. This means that Florida relies on income from consumption taxes, money paid by hard working poor families, r money from tourists. Wealthy residents pay no state income tax, and corporations pay a tiny income tax. For the wealthy retiring in Florida, it is wonderful. The poor will pay the bills of the wealthy, pay for roads and schools, police officers and governance while the wealthy wile away their time in spas and on beaches, being served hand and foot by those same poor people that are paying their bills.

On average, American states spend $10,499 on students K-12, while Florida short changes their students by spending only $8,760 per student. Rather than giving their students a reasonable chance at the American dream by increasing spending on education, they would rather give the wealthy property tax cuts, keep their corporate taxes lower and eliminate income tax.

Over the past decade, Florida’s governmental work force has shrunk and is now the smallest in the country on a per capita basis. This means we get fewer government services while paying for wealthy slackers, the idle rich who retire to Florida.

Florida’s median household income was $47,661, far lower than the nations median income of $51,914. These incomes are earned by people that cater to wealthy tourists and retirees who are incapable of providing a living wage to the people that serve their needs.

In addition, companies like Disney, Sea World and Subway import workers from Thailand, China, Brazil, and the Philippines at far lower rates than the locals have to accept by law. These foreign workers pack into apartments, ten to an apartment, violating local ordinances, and creating fire hazards for residents that may also be condo owners. These activities are encouraged by authorities who don’t want to lose big money spinners like the amusement parks.

Typically for conservative states, those in power care little for their citizens, interested only in whether they are working in low wage jobs, without opportunities for advancement. It really is a rather insidious form of indentured servitude, since there is no social safety net, and people are forced into jobs that barely cover basic expenses, and often don’t.

The interests of wealthy landowners, of course, are paramount, with both coasts, especially the A1A which runs the length of the East coast, dominated by expensive homes. These homes create an impenetrable barrier to ordinary people that are unable to avail themselves of the beaches and the oceans. There are precious few parking lots where locals that do not own expensive homes can park and walk across busy roads to the beach. These lots are not cheap enough for lower income workers, who may or may not have the time to visit the ocean.

Florida cares little for its poor, the suffering, those without hope, but then, that appears to be the way conservative states operate, with contempt for their citizens. So much for Christian charity.

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