States of Destruction

Conservatives have been trying ever since the War between the States, popularly known as the Civil War, to destroy the bond that cements these United States together. Everything in their game plan is calculated to weaken the Federal Government and increase the power of individual states and corporations.

The arguments that they use either revolve around the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, a judicious use of States Rights, or the Commerce Clause. Their reading of both of these clauses involves an overly expansive viewing of the Constitution.

They have multiple aims with this strategy. First, they want to have more complete power in their own corner of the United States without the Federal government interfering with such things as civil liberty, pollution control, , education, or corporate regulation. The want to more completely exploit the people and deny them basic rights to cement their own power.

The next phase of their planning is to bring the power of the states to bear on the central government. By banding together as Conservative states, they can impose their will on the rest of the country using tactics like gerrymandering, voter suppression and intimidation.

They want to destroy the bargaining power of unions, taking away an effective lever from the labor movement and placing power in the arms of corporations.

They also plan on packing the Circuit Courts around the country with Conservative judges, and naturally ensure that the Supreme Court remains a Conservative judicial body for the next generation and beyond.

These tactics are really an extension of the never-ending War between the States. What they could not accomplish politically or on the battlefield, they want to accomplish politically and judicially.

The net result, certainly in the medium term is an increasingly anarchic state, with Congress at a stalemate, the Executive powerless against the Congress and an increasingly activist judiciary creating Conservative precedents.

It is alarming to witness the slow disintegration of history’s greatest democratic experiment.

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