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Episode 39 – Using Innovation to Solve the Abortion Debate

In this episode, I will discuss how we can use innovation to solve the abortion debate. I am not going to debate the right or wrong of abortion itself.

Episode 34 – This New Year, Let’s Unite America

I will discuss whether we can bring Americans back together as a nation. The current climate in America, both political and social seems hopelessly divided. It appears that almost everything divides us as a nation.

Good Riddance, Il Papa

Pope Benedict has done the Papacy little good with his strident conservatism and detached indifference to suffering. We can only hope for a better choice for the next Pope.

The Schismatic Church

The hypocrisy embraced by many churches does nothing to further their proclaimed moral leadership. To reclaim that leadership, they need to reconcile their disparate positions on many moral issues.

Social Pathology

Ann Coulter once remarked that the Democrats were psychopaths. That got me thinking about how politicians stack up in general.

Roll Back The Clock

A Romney administration will begin to roll back the advances made over decades, to a previous more hostile time.

Pregnancy Kills 800 Women Per Day

Mitt Romney’s plans for women ensure that the number of women who die during pregnancy will increase dramatically.

Abortion and State Rape

Abortion is coming under increasing attack by extremist religious and misogynist groups in state after state. Reasonable people need to fight back.

Sexual Obsession

Why are conservatives so obsessed with controlling the sexual practices of other people?