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Episode 28 – Has America Become a One Party State?

In this episode, I will discuss whether America is becoming a one-party state. With a Congress dominated by one party, there is little or no representation for the vast number of people who did not vote for that party. It is a situation that threatens to undermine democracy itself and send us hurtling into the political abyss.

Let Republicans Self-Deport

The treatment of undocumented workers in this country is untenable and inhumane. Conservatives need to acknowledge these valuable people and get to work on comprehensive immigration reform.

Why I am voting for President Obama

This is the most important election of our lifetime, which is why I believe that a vote for Obama is the right choice for America.

Universally Disenfranchised

Conservatives love to deny citizens the vote. Democracy is a philosophy that conservatives strive to destroy.

March to Authoritarianism

Republicans strong move to the right is worrying. Sensible people need to be vigilant to guard against extremism.