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Biting the hand that feeds you

Many People in the UK want to break ties with the European Union. This is a mistake for both partners, brought on by members of the Conservative party.

A Strong Republican Party

The disarray on the right-wing is not healthy for this democracy, or for the Republican Party. Republicans need to move back to the center for the good of the nation.

Why Hard Work Does Not Pay

The federal minimum wage is disgracefully low and should be raised significantly, at least doubled. Other developed nations have done so, and their economies are booming.

The Republican Despots of 2012

2012 was a year marred by political dysfunction, with Republicans seemingly incapable of doing the work for which they were elected. This does not bode well for 2013.

Burning Planet

The presidential campaign covered many irrelevant subjects, but the single most important problem of our time got no air time whatsoever.

Social Pathology

Ann Coulter once remarked that the Democrats were psychopaths. That got me thinking about how politicians stack up in general.

Slavery a Blessing in Disguise

Jon Hubbard, Republican AR, makes an unwarranted statement about slavery. My bet is that the voters will elect him to the House this year. What does it say about them.

Alms for the Poor

Republican obstructionism is preventing the United States from recovering fully in the face of massive financial turbulence.

How we treat our people

Republicans claim to care about those least able to fend for themselves. They should be called out on this.