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A Tortured Nation

We justify torture as though we live on a Hollywood film set, where we know who the good guys are, and the bad guys have beards and turbans.

Treaty Denial or Disability

The United States continues to refuse to comply with international treaties. The latest is a simple acknowledgement of the rights of the disabled. Conservatives refused to ratify.

The Scandal Machine

The current Republican frenzy over the tragic death of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya is their latest attempt to undermine the President, and ultimately American democracy.

Vacuous Purpose

Once again, Obama shows himself to be well versed on the issues and in full command of matters of state, both domestic and international. He shows himself as vastly superior to Romney’s CEO style.

15 More Reasons to Distrust Romney

We are discovering a far greater number of reasons to mistrust the Romney agenda. He is a man that cannot be trusted with the presidency.

The Israel Trap

The unlimited support for Israel poses a dilemma for the United States. We should treat Israel, the Palestinians and the rest of the Middle East with equanimity and fairness.