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Let Republicans Self-Deport

The treatment of undocumented workers in this country is untenable and inhumane. Conservatives need to acknowledge these valuable people and get to work on comprehensive immigration reform.

Data Theft and Copyright

Corporations readily steal individuals data, package it, sell it without explicit permission from the owner. If individuals do this it is called copyright infringement.

Why I am voting for President Obama

This is the most important election of our lifetime, which is why I believe that a vote for Obama is the right choice for America.

Social Pathology

Ann Coulter once remarked that the Democrats were psychopaths. That got me thinking about how politicians stack up in general.

Justifying Rape

The comments by Richard Mourdock justifying rape by saying that resulting pregnancies are part of God’s plan are outrageous and unbecoming. Why does Romney support this man?

Coulter’s new foot-in-mouth

Ann Coulter again demonstrates her moral depravity when she conflates our president with those with severe mental disability.

Abortion and State Rape

Abortion is coming under increasing attack by extremist religious and misogynist groups in state after state. Reasonable people need to fight back.

10 More reasons to vote against Romney

Mitt Romney shows himself to be a conservative extremist. We should fight hard to keep him from the Presidency.

First they came for the Muslims

An ex-Arkansas legislators desire to deport Muslims highlights the intolerance of others beliefs that pervades conservative thinking.

Slavery a Blessing in Disguise

Jon Hubbard, Republican AR, makes an unwarranted statement about slavery. My bet is that the voters will elect him to the House this year. What does it say about them.