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Republican Attacks On The Vulnerable

Once more into the breach, the conservative onslaught against the vulnerable, the weak, continues, by threatening to take away essential social programs. Conservative values: honored more in the breach than in the observance.

Why Hard Work Does Not Pay

The federal minimum wage is disgracefully low and should be raised significantly, at least doubled. Other developed nations have done so, and their economies are booming.

Rise of the American Aristocracy

The increasing disconnect between the wealthy and the poor is only exacerbated by the rising dissent in Congress, the fiscal cliff and the debt ceiling debacles. It is time to come together and do the right thing.

What About The Workers?

The destruction of unions leads to lower wages, unsafe working conditions, fewer benefits, and ultimately a stagnant economy because workers cannot afford to buy the goods corporations produce.

Black Friday for Wal-mart

Walmart may receive an unpleasant surprise from their workers this Black Friday.

Tax Incentive

There is little incentive for the poor to work for a living. The incentives go to those who have no need of incentive, the class of wealthy deadbeats.