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Episode 25 – The Cruelty of Tax Cuts

In this episode, I will discuss why I think that tax cuts are a cruel policy. One of the favorite tools used by conservatives is the idea of the tax cut. Their idea is that if we cut back on government services, business will pick up the slack and create better services. Let’s see whether that holds up.

How to Fix Medicare

There are ways to save Medicare, as the President has proposed, but other ways ought to be considered. None of them are conservative ideas.

Black Friday for Wal-mart

Walmart may receive an unpleasant surprise from their workers this Black Friday.

Damn your health care

Florida Ballot Amendment 1 is crafted to deny residents rights under the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. It ensures that people are forced to opt for expensive medical care.

Medicare Annihilation

Republicans are planning on replacing Medicare with vouchers. You wont hear them say so in so many words.