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The Budget Man Cometh

Ryan’s budget reminds me of groundhog day, every budget looks the same, with a different date, regardless of the fact that the President will never sign it and the people dont want it.

How the Leopard Changed its Spots

Republicans want to change their message to appeal to more voters. What they fail to understand is that you cannot repackage a bad message.

A Sale of Two Ditties

Many memorable quotes came out of the elections, most of them distasteful conservative talking points. The two main combatants had their fair share.

How to Fix Medicare

There are ways to save Medicare, as the President has proposed, but other ways ought to be considered. None of them are conservative ideas.

The Mysterious Voter

Republicans are astonished that they lost the Presidency and the Senate, and the popular vote in the House of Representatives. There are good reasons why this is so.

Trust Me, I’m a Businessman

Romney’s pitch to the voter is; I cant show you my plans, but trust me I am a businessman, and once I get in, everything will work smoothly. We have no reason to believe him and many not to.

Social Pathology

Ann Coulter once remarked that the Democrats were psychopaths. That got me thinking about how politicians stack up in general.

Pandering in Ohio

Romney’s ham-handed attempts to make political capital from the disaster of Hurricane Sandy shows him up as the snake oil salesman he is.

A Sharp Contrast

The contrast between President Obama and Mitt Romney could scarcely be greater. They are right, this is about the future of this country. Either we get a fair, free society, or one run by corporate interests.

Vacuous Purpose

Once again, Obama shows himself to be well versed on the issues and in full command of matters of state, both domestic and international. He shows himself as vastly superior to Romney’s CEO style.