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The Budget Man Cometh

Ryan’s budget reminds me of groundhog day, every budget looks the same, with a different date, regardless of the fact that the President will never sign it and the people dont want it.

How the Leopard Changed its Spots

Republicans want to change their message to appeal to more voters. What they fail to understand is that you cannot repackage a bad message.

How to Fix Medicare

There are ways to save Medicare, as the President has proposed, but other ways ought to be considered. None of them are conservative ideas.

Smokin’ Joe strikes again

Smokin’ Joe gave the debate that we needed. He was clear, concise, and factual. Ryan blew hot air and little of substance.

Shuddering Hunters

Presidential candidates that pander to the hunting community do not deserve public office.

Sucking on the People’s Teat

What right does Ryan have to demand reductions in government spending when he has spent his life in its generous embrace?

How we treat our people

Republicans claim to care about those least able to fend for themselves. They should be called out on this.

Medicare Annihilation

Republicans are planning on replacing Medicare with vouchers. You wont hear them say so in so many words.

Ducking the Tough Issues

Mitt Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan prove incapable of informing the voters of their true intent during the RNC.