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Episode 41 – Why Talking Politics is the Solution to Everything

In this episode I discuss why talking politics is the solution to most of societies most intractable problems.

March to Authoritarianism

Republicans strong move to the right is worrying. Sensible people need to be vigilant to guard against extremism.

Mooch this, Mitt

Mitt Romney again shows his contempt for the people, for those that might vote for him. Yet they still vote.

Gay Marriage Paradox

Some African Americans will not vote for Obama because of his stance on gay marriage. This is not a moral thing to do.

Classy Commander

President Obama is a man of principle, control and diplomatic skill. Unlike his opponent.

Why Romney will win

Romney is likely to become the next President. This is why.

States of Destruction

There must be a reason that Conservatives are attempting to destroy the Federal System.

Hitler, Muslims and Country Music

Hank Williams continues to make outrageous accusations about the President. Reasonable people should boycott his music.

Cardboard Cutout

Comparing Romney to Franklin Delano Roosevelt demonstrates an inability to understand the power of FDR’s contribution to history and this nation.

Sucking on the People’s Teat

What right does Ryan have to demand reductions in government spending when he has spent his life in its generous embrace?