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Gun Hysteria and Conservative Insanity

President Obamas proposals for gun reforms are sensible, but they do not go nearly far enough. We need to get rid of the guns.

The Threat to American Democracy

The anger towards gun restrictions among Republicans is a dangerous sign. The stance towards Obama has become far too inflamed and should be curtailed.

To Abrogate a President

Republicans continue to frustrate the Presidents agenda by blocking all nominees for his cabinet, regardless of the qualifications. This does not bode well for Liberal Democracy.

Cheating the Voter

Republicans tried many tactics to prevent the people from voting. All they managed to do was anger the voters and get more people to come out and vote.

Pandering in Ohio

Romney’s ham-handed attempts to make political capital from the disaster of Hurricane Sandy shows him up as the snake oil salesman he is.

10 More reasons to vote against Romney

Mitt Romney shows himself to be a conservative extremist. We should fight hard to keep him from the Presidency.

Todd Akin – Morally Decrepit

Republicans that asked Todd Akin to step down from the Senate race after his repugnant comments on rape are now supporting him.