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The People’s Champion

President Obama’s return to office is an event of truly historic significance. History will look on him with kindness

A Low Form of Cunning

Mitt Romney is an authoritarian, an autocrat. That is what a CEO does. His presidency is unlikely to be any different.

Death to the Uninsured

There has never been a time before when this nation needs universal health care as much as it needs it today.

14 Reasons to vote against Romney

This election is probably the most important of our generation. If we lose, the middle class way of life will be lost for a generation.

Voters – Pay Attention

People are not paying attention to Mitt Romney’s words. Unless they do, those words will come back to harm them.

Snake Oil Salesman

Romney is selling the nation a bill of goods and he expects that the people will accept this fantasy. He underestimates the intelligence of the American people.

Mooch this, Mitt

Mitt Romney again shows his contempt for the people, for those that might vote for him. Yet they still vote.

Why Romney will win

Romney is likely to become the next President. This is why.