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Will Gays be Free at Last?

The Supreme Court has decided to hear arguments to overturn Proposition 8, the Clifornia statute regarding gay marriage, and DOMA, the ineptly named Defense of Marriage Act.

Life Begins Neither at Conception nor Birth

Conservatives love to argue that life begins at conception and ends at death. To this end they produce convoluted laws denying the right to contraception or abortion. They are wrong on all counts.

Justifying Rape

The comments by Richard Mourdock justifying rape by saying that resulting pregnancies are part of God’s plan are outrageous and unbecoming. Why does Romney support this man?

Pregnancy Kills 800 Women Per Day

Mitt Romney’s plans for women ensure that the number of women who die during pregnancy will increase dramatically.

Abortion and State Rape

Abortion is coming under increasing attack by extremist religious and misogynist groups in state after state. Reasonable people need to fight back.