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Episode 37 – The Persuasive Power of Martin Luther King

In this episode, I will discuss how Martin Luther King mnaged to successfully persuade so many people, and why his powerful words live on today.

Episode 29 – Does a Low Minimum Wage Legalize Slavery?

In this episode, I will discuss whether the minimum wage is just another way to legalize slavery. The United States has a history of relying on low wages or slavery to drive its economy. It is little different today.

An Historic day at the Mall

President Obamas Second Inaugural speech was filled with powerful rhetoric, an indication that he wants to leave a powerful legacy, and not one mired in obstructionist deadlock imposed by conservatives.

10 Things government does better

Conservatives complain incessantly that government has no part to play in our society. They are wrong.

Slavery a Blessing in Disguise

Jon Hubbard, Republican AR, makes an unwarranted statement about slavery. My bet is that the voters will elect him to the House this year. What does it say about them.