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The Incredible Growing Government

The Republican response to the State of the Union was tepid at best, insipid at worst, either way, it was irrelevant to the problems facing the nation.

How to Fix Medicare

There are ways to save Medicare, as the President has proposed, but other ways ought to be considered. None of them are conservative ideas.

Death to the Uninsured

There has never been a time before when this nation needs universal health care as much as it needs it today.

14 Reasons to vote against Romney

This election is probably the most important of our generation. If we lose, the middle class way of life will be lost for a generation.

Voters – Pay Attention

People are not paying attention to Mitt Romney’s words. Unless they do, those words will come back to harm them.

Medicare Annihilation

Republicans are planning on replacing Medicare with vouchers. You wont hear them say so in so many words.