The NRAs Face of Insanity

Piers Morgan is a well-known personality, both here and in the United Kingdom. He currently hosts “Piers Morgan Tonight” on CNN. After the tragic massacre at Sandy Hill Elementary School in Connecticut, he made quite clear on his show that there ought to be stricter gun control legislation in the United States.

Larry Pratt

Larry Pratt by Gage Skidmore

He was interviewing Larry Pratt, of Gun Owners of America, who was stating his views on gun control. Piers said that Pratt was a “stupid man” and “a dangerous man espousing dangerous nonsense”. This was in response to Pratt’s views that the best solution to crime was to have more guns.

In response to Morgan’s statement, a petition began circulating to have Morgan deported from the United States. More than 107,000 people signed the petition. The man behind the petition was one Alex Jones, a conservative radio show host. Morgan duly invited the radio host onto his show to discuss his views on gun control.

Watch the interview here Piers Morgan Interview with Alex Jones

On the show, which you can watch in the link above, Alex Jones began in a reasonable way, talking about gun control. He then began speaking about how governments from Mao to Hitler and Stalin began by taking the people’s guns away.

Alex Jones

Alex Jones, Conservative Radio Host

He meandered off into a statement about big banks controlling the planet and media companies. He started talking about these banks taking the guns away from the American people and creating world tyranny, about armed helicopters and drones in the skies above the nation

The thrust of his argument came down to the fact that he believes that the Second Amendment is not there for duck hunting, it is there to protect the people from tyrannical government.

The interview descended into an irrational, emotional tirade against everything from banning iron rods to restarting the Revolutionary war of 1776. Piers Morgan was very quiet during the interview, but his guest was shouting,waving his finger in Morgan’s face about government taking his guns away.

This is a man who owns more than forty weapons. From a self-defense perspective, there is no possible reason to have that many weapons, other than to start a private war. Therein lies the problem. When private citizens are able to buy enough weapons to arm a company of soldiers, including enough ammunition to stave off a division, there is something seriously wrong with democracy and personal safety in this country.

The average citizen just does not have the ability to defend himself against an armed fanatic. The average person is sane and reasonable enough to realise that this level of force is just not necessary in everyday life. We do not live in Somalia, or Mali, or the Central African Republic. We live in a democratic state, which has as its primary duty, the protection of its citizens.

Alex Jones believes, in his most lucid moments, that he can take on the government if he believes they have come to take his guns away. Quite aside from the fact that the government is far better armed than he is, does he understand the ramifications of having millions of mostly young men armed with vast arsenals of weapons? Does he truly believe that he would stand a chance against a determined gang of young thugs armed as well as he is?

This country is creating, and allowing, a vast arsenal of weapons in the hands of young men. Who is to say that these men can be controlled? The local police forces are armed mostly with sidearms that are no match for assault weapons. If groups of determined young men were to get together, they would easily terrorise the unarmed civilian population, which is precisely what happens in countries where young men are armed.

Much of Africa has been devastated by the ready access to small armaments, which the United States has encouraged by imposing the Second Amendment on other countries. The right-wing in this country routinely rails against the United Nations trying to impose gun control in this country, and defeating any attempt by that body to have reasonable international gun legislation passed.

The NRA and people like Alex Jones have made this a very unsafe country to live in, with gun murders exceeding ten thousand per year, while in countries with reasonable anti-gun legislation, like the United Kingdom, gun murders number below fifty per year. Despite the irrationality of arguing in favor of guns when faced with this type of statistic, the NRA still insists on arming everyone.

It is only when the people of the United States realise that the Second Amendment fanaticism promoted by the NRA is directly responsible for the deaths of more than thirty thousand people in this country every year, and the injuring of countless more, that things might begin to change.

The anger and vituperative conspiracies espoused by Alex Jones is a clear indication that people like this cannot be trusted with guns. These are not responsible people, that believe in responsible legislation to control gun ownership. It was blatantly obvious given the rage that flowed from this man that he ought to be banned from owning weapons of any sort.

Therein lies the rub, that it is not feasible for any system of gun control to know precisely who is going to be responsible and who not. I do not care about those people who are responsible gun owners, I care about those that aren’t, like Alex Jones. They are the ones that kill, and as long as they are allowed to own guns, people will die unnecessarily.

We as a country need to stop people like Jones from owning any weapons at all. He displayed a lack of temper control that inevitably leads to the deaths of innocent people. There is no reason at all that we should trust that he will be responsible.

How many people walk into gun shops all over this country and buy guns, without a background check, without assessing psychological temperament, without any training whatsoever? Not just any weapons, but assault weapons, used in military zones for the mass destruction of populations across the globe.

Is there no end to the insanity that prevails in the Republican Party? When will they display at least a modicum of rational thought? Does this country really need to go down the path followed by Nazi Germany?

The SA in Germany in the 1930’s was a thuggish group compromised of tens of thousands of young men that burst into political meetings, beating people up, intimidating opponents, shooting political adversaries. That is the kind of nightmarish scenario we could well see in this country if we do not control the flow of armaments.

It is a terrible indictment of a country when the people you are afraid of are not government agents, the police or military, but your neighbors, people you see in the malls, or driving on the roads. There is no reason that we should be afraid of everyone around us just because Congress does not have the courage to stand up to the NRA.

Alex Jones did not look rational or sane during his interview. He looked unhinged, or as they say in this country, “off the reservation”. Some people have called for psychological testing of people to prevent the mentally unstable form obtaining weapons. Alex Jones would be a good candidate for testing, he clearly is not of sound mind.

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