Voters – Pay Attention

The voters are not paying attention, but this is normal. People vote for reasons that have little to do with the facts. They like a man’s posture, his hairstyle, the way he smiles or picks up an infant. They praise a man who clears brush on his ranch,  or speaks with a southern drawl. Candidates that thump their chests and offer to get tough on drugs or crime or some other country are given the nod. When a man speaks about his family, or humbles himself before one god or another, he/she is cheered.

What people fail to do is list his/her policies, all his policies, and compare them with his/her opponent, then ask, what is this person going to do to improve my life, or my family, or the lives of millions of my countrymen? Is he going to make it easier for me to get educated, find a job, get help for my sick daughter, my elderly grandmother or my best friend?

What astounds me, is the support that Mitt Romney has from the voters. Have they not been listening to his words? Are they not paying attention to him? An ability to vote is not what we want in citizens.

Romney is going to gut Medicare and create VoucherCare. That voucher will not cover the medical expenses of the elderly, leaving them with thousands of potential dollars in uncovered medical expenses. Are people under 55 going to subsidize people over 55 when they realize that they are not going to get the same benefits? Highly unlikely.

Romney said quite clearly that people that suffer a heart attack in their apartments can go to the emergency room for treatment. Does he have any idea how expensive the emergency room is? It is not free by any manner of means. They will charge you a hundred dollars for a band-aid or an aspirin. If you do not pay your emergency room bill, they will send collection agencies after you. Where does he get the idea that treatment is free? Why does he assume that people that cannot afford treatment live in apartments? Emergency rooms will charge $300+ just to walk in the door.

There are 50m people in this country without healthcare. Under Obamacare, they would be covered. Under Romney’s plan, they have nothing. What will happen when their children become ill, or contract a serious debilitating disease? How do you tell your sick child that he is going to die or she is going to be left with a debilitating disease because you cannot afford coverage.

Romney has said he will cut tax rates 20% across the board, without raising the deficit. There is no mathematical way to do that. Period. It is only if he is planning on doing away with all deductions that it may become feasible. That would entail a massive tax hike on the poor and middle class. There is no alternative. He says that he will not raise taxes on the wealthy. Why does the Middle Class want to give their hard earned money to the wealthy?

Romney has said that he will slash regulation. That means, just as a start, corporations will be able to destroy our national forests by removing the trees, pollute our rivers with toxic chemicals, pump noxious gases into the atmosphere, manufacture products that emit harmful chemicals, pollute our oceans with hydrocarbons from oil rigs. There are an infinite number of ways that deregulation will hurt us, our economy, and our way of life. Look at what deregulation did to the financial industry.

He refuses to be open and candid about his taxes or his tax returns. Why should we trust that he will be any more transparent once in the White House? He believes that he can treat the voters and the country with contempt and still be elected.

Romney is not yet in power and he has already managed to annoy the Palestinians, the British and the Spanish with his undiplomatic big mouth. Is this a man that people want with his finger on the button?

Romney does not appear to be able to maintain his position on a single issue of national importance. He cannot decide what he stands for, if anything. His sole purpose in life is to attain the power of the White House. This country does not need another inept, bungling buffoon in the White House.

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